I am currently offering my services and expertise in the following manner.

Locating Service
I understand that in today's fast paced environment many people just don't have the time to track down their "Dream Car" or specific part or source they need for their project. To cope with this situation  I have developed techniques which enable me to work with a client in order to satisfy their need. I am now in a better position than in the past as I am semi-retired and have more time for research and this coupled with the fact that there are so many more resources available to me today will afford me the ability to serve you, my customer, much more efficiently.

Since this is a somewhat personal service between myself and the client as I strive to satisfy very particular needs, it is difficult to put a blanket fee on these services. However as an example I have been agreeable in the past to a finder's fee of 5% to 6% for a vehicle or 10 to 12% for a hard to find part, book or piece of artwork. Needless to say everything is negotiable and will be treated on an individual basis depending on factors relating to rarity, time constraints, value and so forth.  

For some of the same reasons I have offered my services in locating cars and parts I have also been successful selling cars and parts on my clients behalf. This service could be as simple as advertising the item, qualifying the buyer and hooking up buyer and seller or a more involved scenario which may include shipping and/or travel costs. My fees for this service are similar to those for Locating unless it includes travel or shipping in which case the fee will need to be based on the individual's specific needs and other related factors such as scheduling and logistics.

Over the years I have been called upon for my expertise and opinion relating to various activities that I have been fortunate enough to partake in and then share that experience or knowledge that I have gained from my participation in Racing, Restoration, Auction Activities, Procurement and Sales, etc.

I am happy to share my experience and willing to give advice on a friendly basis when it comes to helping someone out with something basic and simple, which is the fun part about sharing and keeping the sport/passion alive and I'm glad to do my part!
However when things start to get more involved I will be more than happy to avail myself to your needs in a professional manner and my fee will be based on what the task may be and the requirements involved in achieving a successful result.

As this type of service is very specialized and personal it is difficult to publish a set fee schedule. However I will try to convey a couple of examples of what may be expected. For instance if our business may be completed over the phone or by email correspondence the fee may be $50.00/hour with a 1/2 hour minimum. Another scenario may require me to travel in order to accomplish a particular task for which I may charge $300.00/day plus expenses. Every situation will be dealt with on an individual basis tailored to the customer's desires and needs. A full accounting will be provided upon completion of the task. In some cases, such as a task which requires travel as an example, a non-refundable deposit may be required.

TTRS Classifieds
This is send me your For Sale, Want To Buy, Trade, etc. ad and I'll be happy to put it on the site. You set the price as long as it is specific to this site because any inquiries you recieve will come directly to you since your contact information will be included in the ad. If you do not wish to be troubled with selling an item we may discuss my brokering it for you.

The fee for this service is going to be based on a trust method. If you sell, buy or trade something due to your advertisement on this site all I ask is that you make an appropriate donation.