A Tale of Two Cats

This page will be dedicated to Terry and Darlene Larson's C Type and D Type Jaguars which I had the extreme privilege of road testing for an article that I wrote for "Victory Lane" magazine. The cars were on the cover of the magazine in the August 1992 issue and my article was published in the October 1992 issue.

To start off let's introduce the couple who made this all possible.

Here is the charming couple and caretakers that made this whole experience possible...Terry and Darlene Larson. We had a wonderful time exercising their C and D Type Jaguars along the roads east of Mesa up along the Salt River and having dinner at Roosevelt Lake. We had a lot of fun and I really got an appreciation for Terry's philosophy that we do not own these wonderful works of mechanical joy, but are just the caretakers until the they find their next home!

I'll let the photos speak to the beauty of these cats!

Appreciating a wonderful experience and absorbing some of the knowledge that Terry Larson was so generous with sharing! His passion for this marque is unsurpassed!

Thank you so much Mr. Terry Larson and your wonderful wife Darlene for affording me an experience that I will never forget and so few will ever partake in.
I am humbled and feel even now, some 20 plus years later, excited by being able to drive these two wonderful examples of not only Jaguar, but also Automotive History!
I'm a pretty lucky guy!!!