Here we go boys and girls my new baby and boy are we going to have some fun now! 

Meet "Liebchen" my 1987 Porsche 944


 Alpine White has always been one of my favorite colors and I'm very happy to have been able to obtain this car. I am the third owner and the car only has a tick under 92,000 miles on it. The second owner purchased the car in 1991 and kept it mostly stock. Aside from the steering wheel and Alpine AM/FM/CD visually the car is all original including paint. The original owner was either a college employee or college student, something I will try to confirm with the second owner. It was sold new from Larry Meyers Porsche in Beaverton, Oregon on September 30, 1987. 


 The body is fairly straight and just a couple of little dings are present. Big plus is that the tires are new with just about 1000 miles on them and the battery is new as well. 


 Pretty darn clean under the hood too! It won't take much to get it into spiffy condition. 


 Another closer view. 


 Now here is one of the best parts of the car, this beautiful interior! I have always loved this combination and needs just a little work to the bottom front seat cushions as soon as I source the material. The dash does have a few small cracks but I think they can be repaired fairly easily. 




 With a little TLC I think I'm going to be very happy with this car! 


 Nice comfy wheel we have here! 

 Now I had been told when I bought the car that the FOES (Front of Engine Service) had been done about two years ago however I did not get any documentation to support that so I decided to go ahead and change out the timing, balance shaft, and accessory belts and components as I did not want to take any chances. 


 Here we are at the start of the job and I was pleased with the cleanliness inside the timing covers. I had some documentation that the water pump was changed and it certainly was. 


 New bits installed!
The belts that I removed do look to be in very good shape so I'm thinking that the information about them being changed is correct but as the saying goes "better to be safe than sorry"! 


 All zipped up and ready to go...took it for a ride and I'm really happy with it!
It was the first time I put any miles on it since I bought out of Las Vegas and had it transported here to my home. I was told that the clutch was just recently replaced and it certainly seems that way. Also it just had all of it's fluids replaced so that's a plus! 

 The weather is going to start to start warming up so I'll be getting busy with this little project as I'm looking forward to taking her on this year's Route 66 Fun Run!
Now, about that name...
February 4, 2016

And she has been named "Liebchen"!
Although I've been busy parting out the '86 944 Turbo and disassembling the BMW V12 engine in order to ship the block out I've done a couple of things to her and will be getting more done this next month of April. This year's Route 66 Fun Run is scheduled for April 29, 30 and May 1 so I gotta get busy!
March 29, 2016 


 Well I'm happy to say that this year's Route 66 Fun Run was a blast!


Love the Fun Run license plates.

I couldn't get "944" since they only had about 800 entrants so I settled for "444"!


And we were successful as well since "Liebchen" took home the award for "Best German Car"!
Pretty cool! 

 I'll be playing around with her a bit more in the near future and making some improvements here and there as time goes on. One big improvement that I already made was modifying the shifter to use a bolt, nut thrust washer arrangement. The difference in shifting precision is "positively" remarkable! 







 This is a relatively simple modification and the cost is extremely minimal!
After grinding off the weld that secures the original pin and removing it while exposing the hole all one needs are a bolt, nut, flat washers, a couple of wave washers some loctite and grease, ( I used Redline CV9 cv joint/wheel bearing grease).
June 25, 2016 

 I have hardly driven this car this year...not quite sure why, maybe I want to preserve her or get her in really, really nice shape. I'm on the prowl for the proper seat fabric as the front buckets need some repair so if anyone knows of some, especially Stateside, please let me know!
December 3, 2016

Making some progress although I still haven't driven "Liebchen" much at all. I was able to source the proper seat material in Germany and will be ordering it as soon as I determine how much I want. I only need enough to do the front seat bottoms but may go ahead and order more just to have it around as you never know how long it may be available or how long I may have this car! 
I'm beginning to find a lot of little things that need attention as one may expect with a car that's been sitting a while as it was prior and since my purchasing her. I noticed a fuel leak in the pump area and came to find that at some point the soft fuel hose from the pump to the filter had been replaced with a fabric line similar to the type used on carbs. Off with that stuff and replaced with good old German high pressure rated fuel injection hose. I've also found that many of the molded vacuum hose and tees have seen better days so I'll be ordering up a bunch of them as well as spark plugs, cap, rotor and wires...might as well freshen those up while I'm working in that area. First I'll go ahead and do some engine compartment degreasing and steam cleaning to compliment the chassis cleaning and pressure washing I did a couple of weeks ago. I'm also going to fit the undertray from the '86 951 I parted out as Liebchen didn't come with one. I'm hoping that some of the work on the vacuum lines will give me a clue with the "always hot" HVAC issue that has cropped up. I also need to check the condition of all of the grounds. There have been some intermittant electrical gremlins and grounds are a common culprit on many German cars.
So I have made quite a "to do" list and am looking forward to getting as much done as possible while I'm still at this location...oh yeah, I've been working my butt off on my property as it is officially up for sale...as if I needed more work!!!
May 15, 2017 

And now it's been more than a year since my last update but suffice to say I've been pretty busy since I sold my property and moved across the state in May. I did get some minor things repaired including the "always hot" issue with the HVAC however after giving the A/C a recharge I'm afraid there is a slow leak in the system...probably just o-rings. I'm still settling in but we've, (my daughter and I),  been putting a few miles on "Liebchen" while we were house hunting and she's got about 95K on her now. She is such a joy to drive!

I also was fortunate to source the seat fabric from werk924 in Germany!!!

August 23, 2018