Lotus 51A Formula Ford Restoration

 This page will document the restoration I performed on a 1967 Lotus 51A Formula Ford. This was a complete restoration starting with the bare frame on up. I will try to find as 

many old photos as I can to take you through the process on up to and including the sale of the car for my client who I restored it for and the subsequent service performed for the gentleman who purchased it. 

  The Lotus 51 Formula Ford was one of the first cars produced for the new 

Formula Ford series which has been a training ground for so many drivers throughout the years. Although needing a full restoration, including a new body, the car was fairly original aside from an updated roll bar. I hope you'll get a good idea of the construction of this car and an idea of how the Formula cars of the '60's were designed! 

The following photos depict the car after it's restoration as I have been unable to locate any earlier photos aside one of the bare frame next to a Bobsy Sport Racer frame and original body hanging from the rafters. I'm guessing they're on some old floppy disc somewhere and perhaps one day I'll unearth it!!!

In any event I hope you enjoy what you see!

Again,  all of these photos will be of the finished product, but towards the end of the pictorial you will see some changes made to the car after the restoration which will depict some suspension and engine upgrades as well as a little "Shunt" repair.

Getting ready to take her to a show with my best friend, mentor and inspiration, my dear old Dad!

Some Updates!

The following photos show some updates and improvements made during the time I took care of this Lotus.

Some of the more significant ones were the addition of a new Jay Ivey engine, Carrera Shocks and Springs, and a set of Revolution Compettion Wheels

Our Little Buddy!

And of course I cannot forget to include this photo of our little kitty "Lotus"!
She was with us for 21 years and as you can see here she claims here rightful perch on the 51A.